PIDAN Wheeled Pet Carrier Ventilation Type

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Make travel with your fur baby comfortable, easier, and effortless!

Your pet deserves the best when you're out travelling. With PIDAN Wheeled Pet Carrier Ventilation Type, your kitty has a larger, fully-ventilated carrier with air exchange to keep them cool and comfortable inside. The added safety features keep them safe, even in sudden and scary movements! From extra comforts like LED lighting and Shock-Absorbing Design against sudden movements collisions all day long, your pet will be happy inside PIDAN Wheeled Pet Carrier.
Independent Ventilation System with built-in fan keeps your cats cool and comfortable inside.
The Shock-Absorbing Design keeps your pets safe against bumps and sudden tilting movements.
The built-in lighting supports different usage scenarios.
The adjustable and fixed handle parts make travel easy and effortless.
The usage modes can be switched according to different scenarios for easy travel.
The One-Way Interactive Window boost a safe design to keep pet owners and pets interacting. It can be opened outward through the lock button and automatically closes when the applied force is removed due to the spring force.
The exquisitely designed white box with a frosted texture is super beautiful paired with high-quality accessories.
Four anti-suffocation holes are set on the edge of the window to prevent the danger of suffocation when the back mesh is completely blocked.
Rechargeable fans and lighting systems allow pet owners to charge anywhere and anytime.

Make sure you have correctly locked the windows before travelling.
Do NOT go over steps or stairs through the wheels to avoid danger or overturning/damage of the carrier.
Do NOT stand the carrier with its wheels in an unstable place to avoid accidents caused by the overturning of the carrier.
Do NOT use the pull-out handle to lift the carrier.
Do NOT press the telescopic button on the pull-out handle during movement.
Do NOT expose the carrier to rain for a long time. The waterproof performance of the carrier can cope with accidental splashes in regular use, but the product is NOT completely waterproof.When the carrier is wet, please wipe it with a dry towel in time to avoid water penetration.
Do NOT place the carrier near high-temperature objects, such as stoves, heaters, etc., to avoid deformation of the main part or accessories.
Do NOT apply corrosive liquids (such as lacquer thinner, petroleum, alcohol, etc.) to the carrier to avoid deformation of the main part or accessories.
Do NOT place the carrier in a special environment (such as strong acid or high humidity), to avoid damage to the lock and other metal parts, which may cause malfunction of the carrier.

Materials: Polycarbonate and Polyester Fiber

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